lundi 22 juin 2009


hello everyone,


on my last post someone asked us if we were to play again in London soon, and so we did ! last night we played at the Film Institute in London and it was so good to be back home !
The venue was a cinema where people were seated, but it didn't take 2 songs for them to stand up and start dancing in the alleys. You can't imagine how much we love it, it makes such a difference to us. We want to thank everyone who came yesterday night, you were all so great.

Before the show, we did an interview with the guys from "Ciné Moi", a new tv channel about french music and film. We'll post the link as soon as we get it.

Also, we played with the french band "Koko Von Napoo". They are really nice people and they play a kind of 80's, new wave, B52's, ESG music. 3 girls and a man. very good bass lines... check them out here: Koko Von Napoo
i had fun watching their show, dancing and taking pictures:


now we're in London for a week before playing in Paris on Sunday.
lots of love

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Blandine a dit…

J'y crois pas que vous avez joué avec les Koko!!! je suis ultra fan c'est trop bon!