lundi 29 juin 2009

Last week end

Hi everyone,

we were in London when the king of pop died. We saw lots of friends and had a great time dancing on Michael's tunes.Even if you hate the man , all the quincy jones work with him was legend.

Last weekend we played for Solidays, what an adventure!
I broke my back on the Saturday morning when loading the van with John in London. He then had to drive the van to Paris with me lying at the back. I just couldn't move at all! The Solidays festival found an osteopath in Paris (the same who cures Johnny hallyday! haha) and he just did his thing on my spine so that the pain was less strong when I woke up the next morning. But still, i couldn't play a gig!
On the Sunday, we met the all medical crew of the festival who decided to do an injection of pain killers in my butt!! the all thing turned a bit crazy. The needle -as John recalls- was so big it looked like it was made for a horse! I thought..."Only 2 days in Paris and I've already shown my butt 3 times to different people!" before they sting me.
Eventually, the pain disappeared an hour after the shot; I was feeling stoned and couldn't feel any pain anymore. I was actually laughing a lot; we did the show like that... it was very weird... I was feeling high ,i was trying so hard to play the best show even if I couldn't do my best moves ;)

But as usual people were great and very supportive. Thanks to them!

Then we rested at the backstage area under the trees, it was so hot that day! with our friends from Koko Von Napoo. We met Metronomy and saw their show which was very good.


Jehn and John

mercredi 24 juin 2009

blogger review

i like this review of the london show we did on sunday.


My master and friend DUKE GARWOOD is back with a beautiful album called 'the sand that falls' also a very rare ep called 'he was a warlock'
Very seriously , the world has to understand how this man is a genius. Be clever my friends and buy this as soon as you can (itunes or here). This is 100% pure good music.

lundi 22 juin 2009


hello everyone,


on my last post someone asked us if we were to play again in London soon, and so we did ! last night we played at the Film Institute in London and it was so good to be back home !
The venue was a cinema where people were seated, but it didn't take 2 songs for them to stand up and start dancing in the alleys. You can't imagine how much we love it, it makes such a difference to us. We want to thank everyone who came yesterday night, you were all so great.

Before the show, we did an interview with the guys from "Ciné Moi", a new tv channel about french music and film. We'll post the link as soon as we get it.

Also, we played with the french band "Koko Von Napoo". They are really nice people and they play a kind of 80's, new wave, B52's, ESG music. 3 girls and a man. very good bass lines... check them out here: Koko Von Napoo
i had fun watching their show, dancing and taking pictures:


now we're in London for a week before playing in Paris on Sunday.
lots of love

vendredi 19 juin 2009



Yesterday we were in Bordeaux. We did a showcase in la FNAC. The place was good and the sound not too bad for a promotion date so we were happy. Lots of people turned up, even old friends that we hadnt seen for a long while. We played for 20 minutes and then there was a press conference about the french festival La Garden Nef. People could win John & Jehn posters and different stuff... Thanks to all who came and met us.
We had then a walk and a drink in the wonderful city of Bordeaux, there were lots of people in the streets even late at night. we felt a bit like in Spain.
Today we drive to Paris where we're gonna meet our soundman Matt. Then tomorrow, Maubeuge for the festival "Les Folies". Can't wait!


jeudi 18 juin 2009

Some more links hot hot hot

Another link to watch the integral ciné concert we performed live at the Festival 'C'est Dans La Vallée'.
have fun
the j's

mardi 16 juin 2009

Photos La Maroquinerie

here are some pictures taken by Julien Mignot at our show in Paris, La Maroquinerie.
his website Julien Mignot

vendredi 12 juin 2009

La Maroquinerie


This week we played our show in Paris at La Maroquinerie. We had a great night. It was the first time we played in front of such an enthousiastic crowd in Paris. Two girls had written J&J on their cheeks it was very cute.
La maroquinerie is a great place to play, the sound is good and the crew is great. Le Prince Miiaou and Gemma Ray played before us.
We had decided to perform more songs from our first album so started the show with 'I can see You' and '1,2,3' that we never played before but very much enjoyed having in the set. The first half of the show was volontarily darker than the rest. All along, we both felt very relaxed and happy to be here. We wanted to take the most of that moment, and we did, up to the encore with '20l07' when people were singing the song.
At the end we played a cover of Bronski Beat, 'Smalltown Boy' and I heard people singing the tune when they were leaving the place.

Today we are in Tours, going to perform at the festival Aucard de Tours. Tomorrow we are back home and will work on some covers project we've had for a while now.

take care all,
and thanks for those you came to see us in Paris.


jeudi 11 juin 2009


hello people of the universe!

The very good cultural french/german tv channel ARTE filmed our performance on the movie 'diary of a lost girl' . follow that link HERE , there is some extracts with an interview (in french, sorry , no in fact i'm not sorry , just learn bloody french, you'll find your first lesson by the monthy python below in our blog ).


lundi 1 juin 2009

C'est dans la Vallée

last week end we've been to the festival "C'est dans la Vallee" in Sainte Marie aux Mines.
Beautiful festival set in a valley near Strasbourg. We were sleeping in an Auberge on the top of a hill with a nice view. It was very peaceful.

All the people from the festival have been great to us.
We performed our Ciné-Concert on the film "Diary of a lost Girl" with Louise Brooks on friday. They brought a big piano for us, we were very lucky! a big wooden Pleyel (i never played on a Pleyel before) it sounded really good.
It was such a release to play the sound track in front of people cause it's been a while now we started working on it. It was filmed by a tv crew from Arte (French-German tv channel) so we might have a link soon to give you so you can see it. We were very happy about our performance, we want to do it again!

Our set up is a little bit different fom our gigs: John plays guitars, bass, armonica and a kick drum. I play piano, organ, melodica and percussions. We both do some singings. It sounds more 'organic' without the electronic drums.
The promoter from the festival said it was one of the best Ciné-Concert she'd seen in 7 years! It was a huge compliment :)


During the festival we met a Greek young man called Alexander Voulgaris. We never met him before but we had few conversations with him few years ago on the internet. We didn't know he was going to be at this festival. It was a real surprise.
Alexander contacted us maybe 2 years ago to ask the permition to use one of our songs in his film. We said yes and sent a cd to his house in Greece.
Last week-end we met him for real and he gave us a copy of his film called "Pink". And we must say we were very impressed! His film is very good. If you have any chance to see it I strongly recommend it.
The song he uses is an old song of us that has never been released called "Teenage song", we used to play it live for a while.
Alexander is said to be one of the best Greek directors of the new generation and that must be true.



3 gigs in Paris


last week we were in Paris. 3 bands we like were playing;

Clinic on Monday at Le Café de la Danse.
They were brilliant. I talked to the bassist after the show -very nice guy- they were afraid the sound had not been good enough because their sound engineer had not been able to come for that night. Café de la Danse is a nice venue but apparently they have problems with neighbours, which means restrictions on sound... But that didn't reduce the quality of their show. It was very... clinical! (obviously:) cause they dont speak to the audience, but , boy, when they play! their music is just so good!


On Tuesday it was John's birthday, we went to see Deerhunter at Le Nouveau Casino.
It was the best gig we've ever seen of them. Perfect sound and dynamic. They were only 4 on stage and Bradford was doing a lot of guitare, which was very enjoyable. Bradford Cox was smiling, making jokes! it was a real pleasure to see him like that... happy! they didn't leave any silence between the songs until almost the end of the show, allowing songs to emerge out of massive walls of guitare sound. Songs were like visions, not sure where they came from and when they left you. it was magic! the show became even more surrealist at the end when, in a middle of a big noise, Bradford invited someone from the crowd to play his guitare onstage. he took the photographer's cameras and started taking pictures of everyone and himself making silly postures. Most of the people in the crowd were covering their hears but that didn't seem to affect them. the bassist and the guitarist gave their instruments to the audience to play. they opened bears and started chating with everyone. all very relaxed except the drummer who hammered his drums for 10 minutes without showing any signs of weakness. Waouuu!
We had great evening after that, champagne with the Nouveau casino crew celebrating 3 birthdays at the time. It was very nice.


On wednesday, we went to see Bat For Lashes at Le Bataclan. sold Out show, lots of nice looking girls in the crowd :)
A week before we had seen PJ Harvey and John Parish in that same venue, invited by their soundman, Head: incredibly nice man that John met when he went on tour with Joe Gideon and the Shark in the UK.
Bat for Lashes had a very nice costrume with black and white stripes. The show is... perfect, playing the songs excaclty as on the album. she did an acoustic version of Daniel and played the song again at the encore. she has a great great female drummer. very good sound.

Anyway we had great time,

thaks for reading!