samedi 31 octobre 2009

End of album recording...working on film soundtrack


ok, our second album is recorded, done!
Matt our soundman (see his blog is gone now, he's been a perfect company for almost two months. We are very much happy with the sound and the songs, it's groovy! it should come out in Spring 2010.

In the meantime, we've been trying our skills this week into the great adventure of music for films.
We met a french guy in London few years ago, called Guillaume Foresti. He saw us play one night with the Black Lips at the Proud Gallery. He kept in touch with us over the months and talked about his project of a short film with Stephane Demoustier. So here we are now, working on the soundtrack.
The film was shot in 35mm with the two actors Marc Barbé and Arly Jover. I have to say after 2 months working on our album, it is relaxing to record an instrumental soundtrack, to mess around with noises and effects haaaaaa (sound of content).
The 2 directors talked about "Sombre" by Philippe Grandieux as an inpsiration for their film, musicaly. The soundtrack was by Alan Vega (member of Suicide). Below is the final scene of that movie with the cover of a Gainsbourg song by the american band Elysian Fields. It's great.



mardi 20 octobre 2009

yesterday night : nick cave in paris

we ve been invited yesterday night to the nick cave 's new book promotion night . It was in a very posh theatre in paris on the champs elysee avenue. Vulgar can of beer very expensive at the bar , not cool. Nick cave , warren ellis , martin casey were playing light version of old and new songs. It was a bit lame ... Nick cave started the night explaining that people can ask questions whenever they want to him , every kind of questions...But later on you could see that proposition was not very sincere , and he became a bit annoyed by the whole thing. Promotion's night disguised in 'a night with nick cave ' as written on the ticket is quite bullshiting people. It looked more like take the money and run. Nothing about litterature , nothing about music , just questions on his mustache or stuff like that. Egocentric night for the fans , no fun.

I do want to read his book anyway /