lundi 26 mai 2008

Matt Farrar : very important man

Ladies & gentleman ,we are proud to introduce everyone to mr Matt Farrar , john & jehn 's soundman. Since 2 years now , Matt became the third member of john & jehn. He is the  soundman of the luminaire , if you 've been there before no need to say  that place is the best venue in town in terms of sound quality... 
We feel more than  lucky to have him by our side . This man has the power to put a real big smile on our faces in 1 sec. You don't need any kind of drugs when you have a Matt Farrar. Unique .


ps : here is a video of him younger when he played in his former band with aaron emerson : CURFEW ( Matt is the bassist singer with long dirty hair)

vendredi 23 mai 2008

einsturzende neubauten

waow , yesterday we saw einsturzende neubauten at the forum in kentish town. It was bloody marvelous . It was a honnest , generous and fascinating show. I liked the way they never go in the extremes , it was very neutral , i mean they know that they can go quite far in the sonic experiment but now they just found the good balance, it was a perfect exemple of how you control the energy . For that i guess you have to know yourself quite well and it seems that Blixa is in the good process. Fascinating artist and human being.


mardi 13 mai 2008


i made this mixtape for you. It's called 60 mins of melancholia. I know the sun is back but when i did the compilation it was fuckin raining all day ... But the sun will not appear everyday , and the time for my compilation will come! mwawaahahahahahahahah(evil )

I included a rare song from john & jehn , we recorded a cover of tim hardins years ago: if i was a carpenter , inspired by johnny cash and june carter's version.

check this artwork that the talented Marie Blanchard did for me , check her website below:

so the playlist is :

1 blink /sonic youth
2 Elizabeth My Dear / The Stone Roses
3 Night Walks / Black Mountain
4 Love In Mind / Neil Young
5 Then We Be / Duke GarwooD
6 carpenter / john&jehn
7 No Need To Cry / British Sea Power
8 Rather Lovely Thing / Nick Cave, Warren Ellis
9 La fanette / Jacques Brel
10 Home / Clinic
11 Must / Daniel Johnston
12 Love Song / Syd Barrett
13 do what you will do / Will oldham
14 Children's Hospital / Atlas Sound



vendredi 9 mai 2008

The Management

This blog should be an opportunity to introduce you to the John & Jehn "crew". 
John & Jehn are more than just a two piece band, there's an all family working back there that is worth discovering, individuals with strong personalities working together! yey! 
So the first of the serie will be "The management" with Sally Gross (our manager) and Sareata (her assistant).This video should give you an idea of the general mood in the house; oh yeah, you don't know? we all live together!

So prepare yourself, here they come!


mercredi 7 mai 2008

SISTER studio

Hi this is Jehn. I write because we recorded the song "sister" this week-end and I thought I would let you know. It is a fine song, simple, classic, with good bass and claps. You may heard it before if you saw us play live. We've played that song for years on stage. now it's recorded. To kill some time we did those videos where you can see us and Matt, the third member of John & Jehn. A little bit of sillyness is always good for sessions... enjoy!


jeudi 1 mai 2008


this video of Duke Garwood was made during our launch night at the luminaire backstage. I asked him to talk about his old guitar "lucy" . You should go and see him play acoustic on this particular guitar .He is a mix between jesse james and chet baker. Duke Garwood is one the most inspiring musician i had the chance to meet in my life. Go and see him play , you will feel lucky too.