lundi 29 juin 2009

Last week end

Hi everyone,

we were in London when the king of pop died. We saw lots of friends and had a great time dancing on Michael's tunes.Even if you hate the man , all the quincy jones work with him was legend.

Last weekend we played for Solidays, what an adventure!
I broke my back on the Saturday morning when loading the van with John in London. He then had to drive the van to Paris with me lying at the back. I just couldn't move at all! The Solidays festival found an osteopath in Paris (the same who cures Johnny hallyday! haha) and he just did his thing on my spine so that the pain was less strong when I woke up the next morning. But still, i couldn't play a gig!
On the Sunday, we met the all medical crew of the festival who decided to do an injection of pain killers in my butt!! the all thing turned a bit crazy. The needle -as John recalls- was so big it looked like it was made for a horse! I thought..."Only 2 days in Paris and I've already shown my butt 3 times to different people!" before they sting me.
Eventually, the pain disappeared an hour after the shot; I was feeling stoned and couldn't feel any pain anymore. I was actually laughing a lot; we did the show like that... it was very weird... I was feeling high ,i was trying so hard to play the best show even if I couldn't do my best moves ;)

But as usual people were great and very supportive. Thanks to them!

Then we rested at the backstage area under the trees, it was so hot that day! with our friends from Koko Von Napoo. We met Metronomy and saw their show which was very good.


Jehn and John

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Morgane ( a dit…


je ne sais pas si vous lisez les commentaires sur ce blog. Je tente ma chance!

Je vous ai vu en concert le week-end dernier aux Solidays. Je dois dire que je ne vous connaissais pas avant. Dans ce genre d'evenement, on ne connait jamais tous les groupes, j'ai donc été écouter leurs musiques afin de faire ma selection! Votre 20L07 m'a séduite et j'ai donc pris mon courage pr venir vous voir malgré la chaleur et la gueule de bois!

Je n'ai pas été déçue car le concert a vraiment été sympa et je voulais vous en remercier. De plus, j'espère que vous n'avez pas été décus que les gens ne dansent pas comme des fous mais avec cette chaleur, il était difficile de bouger.

Encore merci!

Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et plein de courage pour faire vivre votre musique.


Sorry for english people, i don't speak very well english so this message was in french.

Blandine a dit…

You were awesome Jehn... as usual ;)