jeudi 23 juillet 2009


Hello everyone,

last 2 weeks have been mad; we didn't have a chance to post any blog, also we were waiting for some pictures to show you ;
All the pictures were made by the magnificient SAM NEUHARDT (also the video director for the '20L07' video and 'i can see you' video)


St Tropez was the weirdest place we've ever played in, i mean at first sight because we arrived in a camping!! Actually one of the biggest in all Europe. But we set up for sound check and then spent few hours on the beach, so it was very cool!
The gig turned out to be very pleasant, lots of young people were there and some of them even knew the lyrics and sung with us. After the show we wandered around the beach and the bungaloos, bought Chichis and met lots of people; we were a bit the stars of the camping for that night haha
the crew was great too, they actually invite a lot of good international bands to play, which is cool.


Our next show was in Angouleme for The Garden Nef Party Festival. We met our friends Joe Gideon and The Shark there on friday the 17th. They couldn't stay long, they had to drive to England for the next day. It was a shame, but they did a great show.

We also met the guys from Franz Ferdinand again and they confirmed their wish to have us on tour with them in November in France. We love their shows, it is very inspiring for us to see them work, so we said yes straight away! They are really great guys and very supportive with our music and forthcoming album.

The Garden festival in Angouleme happens in the hometown of John so this show was very special to us. Lots of friends and family turned up and the festival crew was very proud because they knew John since he was a teenager. We had great time.


drawing by thibault balahy
for la garden nef party festival.

Love on the beat,

mardi 14 juillet 2009



we've been playing at festivals this week.
We were in Liege last Saturday playing at 'Les Ardentes' Festival.
Our soundman never arrived to the show -he was taking a train to arrive in the afternoon but missed 2 of them and ended up watching us play instead of doing the sound! He was very upset :) we saw Tricky backstage but didn't have time to meet him...

We were playing in 'Musilac' the next day, in Aix Les Bains. We estimated that 10.000 people must have been watching when we played. It is the biggest crowd we ever played for. It was very different from everything we've experienced so far but very fun! we want to do it again!! Franz Ferdinand were headlining. We met the guys and they were very nice to us, inviting us on a boat trip in the afternoon after our show. We had a fantastic day and the festival crew was very nice.
have a look:

Next show was in La Rochelle, for the festival 'Les Francofolies'. We drove for 9 hours in the day to get there on time ( Big thanks to our wonderful driver mr YANNOSH). The crowd was very responding :) after 40 minutes of show we went out to see friends and drink in bars until late. La Rochelle looked like a zombie town with drunk people everywhere in the streets.

Tomorrow we are driving towards St Tropez for the festival 'les plages de rock'. And then back in Angouleme At the garden nef party festival ,we are really looking forward to play there, all our old friends and family will be there it s gonna be magic.

Thanks for reading,

Love on the Beat
John & Jehn

Photos taken by Yannoche (our friend and driver) at The 'Francofolies' in La Rochelle during the sound check.