lundi 15 décembre 2008

still working

we are back from Les Trans and Paris.
We wanted to thank everyone who came to our show at Le Nouveau Casino in Paris; it was sold out and apparently some people couldn't get in so sorry to them;
this picture was taken by Julien Mignot (you can see his blog here very good photographer we met in Rennes;
he also took pictures at Le Nouveau Casino so hopefully we will show more when he's ready;

After few days of rest we're still working; especially on our new songs but also on videos (!) with 3 different friends of ours; if everything goes well we should have a video for Fear Fear Fear in the new year;

we had great time so thank you;
lots of love

vendredi 5 décembre 2008

Trans Sexual


We are in Les Transmusicales Festival in Rennes, France, this week. We played yesterday for a wonderful audience. and the rest of the time, we are wandering around, seeing bands and doing interviews. 

As we were walking in the media center, we met our crazy girlfriends from the fashion magazine 'Modzik', very nice girls we always have fun with, Faustine and Eléonore. 
We were scandalised they didn't offer a slot for us in their pages about the festival!
Their idea was to create pictures around the theme 'Les Trans' . Some bands had the idea to do "Trans-plant" or "Trans-Ferdinand" pictures. We had the idea to do "Trans-Sexual" as no one was keen on doing it. 
Eventually, we're going to be the front cover! haha
evil Jehn