lundi 1 juin 2009

C'est dans la Vallée

last week end we've been to the festival "C'est dans la Vallee" in Sainte Marie aux Mines.
Beautiful festival set in a valley near Strasbourg. We were sleeping in an Auberge on the top of a hill with a nice view. It was very peaceful.

All the people from the festival have been great to us.
We performed our Ciné-Concert on the film "Diary of a lost Girl" with Louise Brooks on friday. They brought a big piano for us, we were very lucky! a big wooden Pleyel (i never played on a Pleyel before) it sounded really good.
It was such a release to play the sound track in front of people cause it's been a while now we started working on it. It was filmed by a tv crew from Arte (French-German tv channel) so we might have a link soon to give you so you can see it. We were very happy about our performance, we want to do it again!

Our set up is a little bit different fom our gigs: John plays guitars, bass, armonica and a kick drum. I play piano, organ, melodica and percussions. We both do some singings. It sounds more 'organic' without the electronic drums.
The promoter from the festival said it was one of the best Ciné-Concert she'd seen in 7 years! It was a huge compliment :)


During the festival we met a Greek young man called Alexander Voulgaris. We never met him before but we had few conversations with him few years ago on the internet. We didn't know he was going to be at this festival. It was a real surprise.
Alexander contacted us maybe 2 years ago to ask the permition to use one of our songs in his film. We said yes and sent a cd to his house in Greece.
Last week-end we met him for real and he gave us a copy of his film called "Pink". And we must say we were very impressed! His film is very good. If you have any chance to see it I strongly recommend it.
The song he uses is an old song of us that has never been released called "Teenage song", we used to play it live for a while.
Alexander is said to be one of the best Greek directors of the new generation and that must be true.



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