jeudi 21 mai 2009

Do you like Black & White?


These are more pictures taken during and after our show at the festival "Les Femmes s'en mêlent" in Toulouse. They were taken by our friend Regis Feugere who lives and works in Toulouse. You can see his work here :




mercredi 13 mai 2009

Tour summary 2

More pictures from the last tour.

Micachu with John & Jehn tatoos on her arms !!!!! + sweet Raisa, Micachu's keyboard player, with J&J tatoos too !!! + Jehn at some party... + John after the Rough Trade East show


mardi 12 mai 2009

Tour summary

These are pictures from the tour we did in April.
The first is a picture of us with our soundman Matt Farrar, doing a sunglasses competition. He's still with us after 3 years so this is a change to say how great it is to have him doing our sound and spend some groovy time on tour. We love you Matt!
The second is John with the great "Legendary Tiger Man". We played with him one night and his show was brilliant. It is very funny to see how those two look kind a of alike... mmm how disturbing... We are thinking about having him to play with us in Paris the 9th but not sure yet if that's going to be possible -logistics aarrgg...

Last week end, we were in Belgium. We played in Brussels at La Botanique Festival with our friends "Joe Gideon and the Shark". It was such a great night. It is always a great night when we play together, the audience is always happy. We should do a european tour together! We sold lots of merch an finished our night in a strange cool night club with belly dancing on tv screens and a man singing oriental songs on dance beats. People were dancing like in a swingers club hhmmm but we had great time.



vendredi 1 mai 2009


hello people of the universe , here is an other mixtape for you. You will find in 60 mins of love at least one song to help you in your love quest.

the sexual drawing is made by jehn.


The track 'love' list is :

love must be catchin on / JULIE LONDON
too much love / LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
i feel love / DONNA SUMMER
love is the drug / ROXY MUSIC
computer love / KRAFTWERK
and i love her / THE BEATLES
strange love / DARLENE LOVE
when love calls / DANIEL JOHNSTON & JAD FAIR
when a fool loves a fool / LEE HAZLEWOOD
do you love me (part 2) / NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS
don't love you / TV ON THE RADIO
loveless love / THE FEELIES
love builds up / ELECTRELANE