samedi 6 novembre 2010

Blogotheque 'Down our Streets'


we were really happy to be able to play for La blogotheque in Paris few months ago....

this is the link:


lots of love


lundi 1 novembre 2010

New J&J BONUS TRACKS, November Tour exclusive!

These are brand new John & Jehn items for you that you will be able to get if you come to see us play this month on our 'Down our Streets' Tour!

They are handmade BONUS TRACKS with Tour Documentaries, tracks live at the BBC... lots of rarities!

see all the dates of the tour HERE

Track listing:
1- Fear Fear Fear (new live version)
2- Tour Documentary Part 1 (Tan Hill festival)
3- 'Down our Streets'live on Tom Robinson BBC6
4- Tour Documentary Part 2 (Leeds /with British Sea Power)
5- 'And we Run' live on Jonathan Ross BBC2
5- Tour Documentary Part 3 (Bath-Birmingham /with British Sea Power)

see you on the road!


vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Audio Documentaries, John & jehn and British Sea Power on tour in the UK -Part 3-

-PART 3-

This is Part 3 of a series of Audio Documentaries recorded and edited by Jehn during the John & Jehn UK tour with British Sea Power (BSP) in May 2010. This one takes place in Bath and Birmingham and features Gemma Thompson (guitarist for John & Jehn ), Raph (drums), Scott Wilkinson (singer from BSP) amongst others...
you will be hearing music from : Ashley Beedle and David Byrne, Black Sabbath (Birmingham beeing their hometown!) and of course British Sea Power...


jeudi 7 octobre 2010

Meet our friends RACE HORSES !


A Special Night in Paris, 9th November, La Fleche D'OR !

we are pleased to come back in Paris for our "JOHN & JEHN and FRIENDS" special CLUB NIGHT. A 100% John & Jehn evening with special bands -and friends- from the UK who never played in France yet -or we believe haven't played enough!
This edition will feature the amazing band from Cardiff RACE HORSES. Please have a listen to their music here:



Soirée Spéciale a Paris le 9 Novembre, La Fleche D'OR !

"JOHN & JEHN and FRIENDS" est une nouvelle série de concerts que nous organisons sur Paris; une sélection 100% John & Jehn des meilleurs groupes anglais -et amis- qui n'ont pas encore ou que tres/trop rarement traversé la Manche! Du nouveau son dans vos oreilles donc et des soirées nouvelles et exclusives... sur Paris!

La prochaine sera le 9 Novembre avec comme invités...
les excellents


lundi 4 octobre 2010

A present for You: 1 free Track!


Some of you may have heard, we're gonna be ON TOUR in NOVEMBER in the UK, France and Switzerland


To celebrate this happy event with you, we thought you would like to hear what's going on in the J&J rehearsals!!

We are currently rearranging some old tracks from the first album, If you follow this link you will be able to DOWNLOAD for FREE our old track FEAR FEAR FEAR, transformed and rearranged for the new live set.

Love on the beat

vendredi 10 septembre 2010

the art of making Silkscreen Bags Yourself

we turned our kitchen into an art workshop and made some nice John & Jehn bags!
you can buy them here:


samedi 12 juin 2010

Audio Tour Documentary: Part Two

Click to download for free:
"John & Jehn on tour with British Sea Power: Part Two -Leeds"

This is "Part Two" of the short Audio stories recorded and edited by Jehn during our tour with BRITISH SEA POWER in the UK last month.

This time we were playing in a Church!

this episode features Tobby (the merch guy for BSP) , Paul (BSP rodie), Phil (keyboards), Neil and Scott (both singers songwritters in BSP) and finally some adorable fans and great encounters...

you will also hear music from: Thin Lizzy (I know, next time i will try not to..), John & Jehn, Metronomy, British Sea Power...


jehn x

vendredi 11 juin 2010


here is my new mixtape. It s been inspired by my long walks in alexandra park . The park is just behind our flat and i'd like to think it's our personnal back garden.

The beautiful artwork has been made by the very talented LILIDOLL(click and check)

Wait for the hottest moment of the day , get a fresh drink ,get naked, and put that mixtape on , believe me it works ... ENJOY (click on the artwork to download it)!


01 L'enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot / bruno alexiu
02 i get along without you very well / chet baker
03 above chiangmai / brian eno
04 Lujon / henry mancini
05 Paradise / clinic
06 Reversing / four tet
08 beautiful land /nina simone
09 Better Times / beach house
10 Simple Loop Choir (bad memory version)/ prefuse 73
11 Moonchild / King Krimson
12 vampire (remix by victor) / john and jehn
13 Open Up Your Door / richard hawley
14 Dorian Benediction / the free design
15 My Autumn's Done Come / lee hazlewood
16 Instrumental II / noah and the whale
17 Our Last Night Together / vera november

mercredi 9 juin 2010


New "And We Run" Video , watch it to the end ! :)
this video was shot in our recording studio in France in the exact room where the album was recorded. It was directed by Antoine Carlier who's been directing most of our videos recently (oh my love/time for the devil...) he's also working on a film about us.
it took us 3 days to film this video for the only reason that to make the image spin at the end we had to film the same scenes 36 times non stop! (which takes about 1h and a half each time) so in the end we playbacked the song about 180 times- we were exhausted!
but the result is quite smooooth

Jehn x

dimanche 6 juin 2010


JOHN AND JEHN/VAMPIRE (remix by victor) from john and jehn on Vimeo.

we love that remix made by victor carlier. He added incredible harmonies to jehn's vocals , it's clever and inspiring. It changes from the usual pushy drum beat kick 'dancy' remixes. To celebrate i added some moving images on it : this is from the movie 'MANON' directed by the genius henri-georges CLOUZOT. Again i've been touched by the grace and beauty of this scene. Some might think it's gloomy and dark but i think it's beautiful and full of love.

if you want the track on mp3 , just write to us at



mercredi 19 mai 2010

Audio Tour Diary

This is the first of a series of short audio stories , edited and recorded by Jehn during the John & Jehn / British Sea Power UK Tour,

download here John & Jehn in Tan Hill (part one)

this one is a 15 minutes document about our trip to Tan Hill , the brilliant British Sea Power festival "Sing Ye from the Hillside" last week;

featuring John, Raph and Gemma -our 2 musiciens-, Martin Noble & Woodie from BSP...

you will hear music : Thin Lizzy (oh yeah!) , Deerhoof , Gainsbourg , British Sea Power, Bo Ningen , Races Horses ...

more to come later

lundi 26 avril 2010

VIDEO LIVE @ Proud galleries

our first show with Gemma our new guitarist (and keyboardist -she's playing organ on that track) ; the song here is "Time for the Devil" ; a saturday night at 'Proud' Camden, London ... it was crasy, crasy crasy ; we loaded the van after the show in the middle of a burlesque show and people beeing sick on the floor... awful. but we met a good american band that night, Royal Bangs. they were very nice people, they lent us some gear that night. they had problem with their bass amp during their show, and they were pretty scared about the Camden saturday night madness...!! I hope those guys are ok now... jehn x

samedi 24 avril 2010


last friday we played 3 tracks live at the BBC, hosted by Tom Robinson. we had a very warm welcome and we were in very good hands with miss Jo who was doing the sound there. we're very happy with the sound and we had a nice time.

You can download the 3 tracks "Time for the Devil" , "And we Run" and "Down our streets" just by following the link below:

love on the beat x


lundi 19 avril 2010

supporting BRITISH SEA POWER in the UK !

we have some great news over here:

BRITISH SEA POWER offered us to support their UK tour in May;
that's so good news coz not only we love the guys, but we love their music, and we know their stage crew as well and they are all good and proper lovely people, we're gonna have such a great time! their music had a big influence on us after we first toured with them 2 years ago... cant wait to be back there!

Sun 25 Apr Colchester Arts Centre
Mon 03 May Leeds Holy Trinity Church
Mon 17 May Bath Komedia
Tue 18 May Birmingham Glee Club
Thu 20 May Leicester The Y Theatre
Fri 21 May London Bloomsbury Ballroom

Love on the beat,


samedi 10 avril 2010

GemmaThompson: new UK guitarist !

what's up?

yesterday we drove back from Rennes, it took us 10 hours to get back to London. We droped Raph our drummer at a friend's studio in Stamford Hill, he's recording a new album with his band Underground Railroad. he's a very busy man at the moment!

Today we're at our house with Matt Farrar our sound man. (by the way visit his blog at

he's back with us for a while after beeing on tour with Gemma Ray and the Archie Bronson Outfit. We're playing tonight in London an early show at The Proud Galleries in Camden.

It's gonna be the baptism of fire for Gemma, who's been enlisted to play guitar with us onstage for our UK shows.
We took her on board after watching videos of her on youtube were she plays very noisy guitars in her band called 'Hindley'. After few rehearsals we realised how much she is a master of guitar feedbacks and distortion. amasing!

See Gemma for the first time on stage with us tonight in London @ The Proud Gallery

samedi 3 avril 2010



this is the link to watch JOHN & JEHN live on TV playing the song AND WE RUN ;

as (maybe) you will notice, we had a problem with the guitar!! it only arrives at the middle of the song... it's alright , we rocked it out as hard as we could! haha but sorry for those who know the song (few of you I'm sure) , next time we'll be careful with our wires -or maybe we get a new guitarist! :) (only jocking of course :)

anyway enjoy the 'disturbing' special tv effects! gosh!

Watch the VIDEO HERE



samedi 27 mars 2010


This is how our new album looks like, "Time For the Devil", in digipack format, gate folded limited edition!

All by the magnificient Antoine Carlier.

Of course you can go online and get the music for free but I promise there's more pretty good looking things to see in there, so you might as well find it out yourself and get to your closest music shop and buy it! ( that's just my advice...)

love on te beat,


jeudi 25 mars 2010


We have been invited by BRITISH SEA POWER to play at the festival they host in North Yorkshire at Tan Hill. It is a pleasure for us to be there and play with cool bands and have fun!!
Apparently it all happens in the highest pub in England called Tan Hill In where they serve some kind of 'British Sea Power' bear haha. We will sleep in tents and hear good music.. sounds exciting.
Our relationship with British Sea Power goes back a few years when we opened for them in South London. Following that show , they invited us to support their uk tour. Last week they were mixing their album 5 minutes walk from our house. Those guys are great and their music has had a huge influence on our last album.
This week I watched the film "Man of Aran" with their soundtrack, it was very inspiring , again, like everything they do.
this is an extract:

Jehn x

jeudi 18 mars 2010


As promised , this is the video with BAND OF SKULLS, performing the song "Sympathy for the Devil". We rehearsed the song on our way to the studio in Band of Skulls's van; singing and playing accoustic guitars like hippies... during the rehearsals we couldn't get it right, so this was the first time we played the song to the end really..
very good souvenir x

mardi 2 mars 2010

Cat Stevens Photographer

Yesterday, on our way to meet a possible new guitarist, we saw this photo on the wall at Rough Trade East Shop taken by Cat Stevens ages ago- no, not Cat Stevens the singer haha! but cat Stevens the London photographer; she took pictures of us for a Plan B feature interview for our first album... I think you can buy it... I dont know how much though, I wasn't interrested :)

jeudi 25 février 2010

"Shift" by Antoine Carlier

Antoine Carlier (picture) is the artwork director on our new album.

He directed our videos for "oh my love" and "Time for the Devil" , did the arwtork cover and takes most of our pictures...
he's a bit like the third member of J&J right now really...

On the 9th of March, Antoine will exeptionnaly perform a show called "Shift" in Paris with the pianist Guillaume de Chassy @ the Cinéma le Balzac.
The idea is that Antoine projects images on the screen while Guillaume De Chassy improvises on the piano.
We're gonna be there to see the performance ; Antoine asked us if he could use images from our video "oh my love" to screen during the performance. of course we said yes. see their trailer below:

On the 9th of March 2010 in Paris @ Cinema le Balzac / "Shift" with Antoine Carlier and Guillaume de Chassy.

jeudi 18 février 2010


we'd like to introduce you to JOE MOO , who did the artwork for our first album. He is a french tattooist, the best actually, and has just put his work online.

Check him out here: JOE MOO

Joe is John's old friend and personnal tattooist, he is also an amasing artist, you can see his drawings on his website now as well.

jeudi 11 février 2010

Fernando Pessoa "The hour of the Devil"

"the wedding ring that you wear and love, the joy produced by a vague thought, the fact that you feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror - do not fool yourself : it's not you , it 's me.'
The Devil from "A Hora do Diabo" by Fernando Pessoa.

This man on the picture is Fernando Pessoa. He is a portuguese poet and writer from the early 20th century. His short story "The Hour of the Devil" (‘La Hora del Diablo') inspired us for the title of our album and to write the song of the same name.
The book came into our hands accidentally. It was sitting on the shelves at my parent's house and John picked it up to read before going to sleep. Before I knew it , he got inspired by the poet's words and few days later, had written a song about the short parable.

In his short story, Pessoa imagines a conversation between the Devil and a woman. He creates a reality where the Devil is not to be feared and nothing you expect. He is a gentleman who would never intentionally harm a human; he's no longer the usual symbol of the enemy of God. He is harmless and is certainly ignorant of the things that actually rules the world. The Devil himself tells about his traumas, his story and his work... This accessibility creates a modern, conscious way of dealing with the subject of evil, which we found inspiring for our work and lives.

The Devil feeds our emotions and inspires us a love of art and of love itself.
Our emotions aren’t bad or dangerous. What is dangerous is when they are hidden or suppressed. It’s safer and healthier to experience the vices of humanity, to express our emotions rather than label them as evil or dangerous. The sentiments actually inspired many of the lyrics on the album...

But enough now, I highly recommand that you read it and get inspired yourself :)

Time for the devil.

It’s time for the devil to come
And put a smile on my face
He’s not that bad my devil
He’s moving things in my head

It’s time for the devil
He cares for me and all
It’s time for the devil

He doesn’t want my soul
He wants to speak that’s all
He cares for me my devil
About my fate and my goals

It’s time for the devil
He cares for me and all
It’s time for the devil

samedi 6 février 2010

Fear Fear Fear in Skins


Skins have selected our song "Fear Fear Fear" to feature in their 2nd Episode of season 4.
"Fear Fear Fear" is a song from our first album "John & Jehn" which was released in 2008.

To be honest I never watched Skins before ,though we do watch some tv series; "Mad men", "Sopranos", "True Blood"... some channel 4 comedies like "the big band theory" or "Peep show"... some cartoons like "Harvey Birdman", "Family guy", "Futurama" and of course the forever classic "The Simpsons"!

below is the extract from the episode where you can hear "Fear Fear Fear"; it's very funny for us to hear it there, this song was recorded in our bedroom in London for god's sake!! :)

kiss x

jeudi 4 février 2010


This is the picture we chose for the cover.
It was taken by Antoine Carlier, who's the man behind all our artwork and videos for the new album. Antoine is an old friend of us. Him and John used to go to the same high school in france.
We took this picture in his appartment in Paris, one night very late ,using the simple device of one mirror , one lamp. Our first idea was to create an atmosphere inspired by the surealists' from the 20's , and then we gradually got away from that I guess, we spent hours playing with it, it felt very creative.
Antoine is an interesting character, we believe he is the one of the best director and designer in Paris at the moment, which is very demanding! antoine is constantly working very hard, sometimes it's like he is too tired to sleep ha! he doesnt even have a bed in his flat... I think he's a vampire!
Also this is a very demanding period for everybody working on John & Jehn at the moment.. coz now is Time for the DEVIL! who needs to sleep :)

evil best,

mardi 2 février 2010

let us tease you again...

This is an introduction to our next music video, "Time for the Devil", directed by Antoine Carlier :

love on the beat x
or follow the link:

samedi 16 janvier 2010

"Time for the Devil" Video

Here is some photos taken on the set of our new video for the song 'time for the devil' . It s just gonna look like a proper hollywood movie... Thanks to everyone at WALTER FILMS and our personal image maker /video director/friend : ANTOINE CARLIER.
Can 't wait , can 't wait , can't wait...

Photos by Thomas Robin

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Sympathy for the Devil with 'Band of Skulls'

we're in Paris!
On monday we recorded a french TV show called 'Taratata' with 'Band of Skulls'.

The idea of the Tv show was to cover a 'Gold' track with another band. 'Band of Skulls' chose the Rolling Stones' song 'Sympathy for the Devil'. Our next album is called "Time for the Devil" so we thought it was a good sign.

and indeed, it went really well! 'Band os Skulls' are a very good band, and brilliant musicians. The track was very suited to their music and voice. we also realised we know so many people in common. we had an excellent time!!

John played guitar and I played the piano. Band of Skulls , Emma, Matt and Russell, played the bass, drums and guitar.
So all day we rehearsed the "woo uuu"s backstage -there was not much else planned for untertainment there anyway!

Check their website:
and Myspace

the tv show will be broadcasted in March... pfiou! that's a long time to wait.
but I promise it's worth it :)

lots of love


samedi 9 janvier 2010


here is a new mixtape i did when i was trapped in our flat in london cause of the snow, it does look like russia around here.
i asked a very talented artist called ELIF to do the artwork. She is from Turkey , and study in the famous st martins college of art in LOndon. You can also listen to one of her song in the mixtape (track number 3) , i ve been listening to her stuff in loop since three days now , this is proper music. ENJOY!
(clik on image to download it)


the sign:part1 / DAVID ALEXROD
weather storm / MASSIVE ATTACK
lirar / ELEFANTE (aka elif artwork artist)
we hovered with short things / VIC CHESNUT
sim sim / ARTHUR LYMAN
rainwater cassette exchange / DEERHUNTER
emily / JOHN CALE
take pills / PANDA BEAR
sunrain / ASH RA TEMPEL
never mind that now / ELYSIAN FIELDS
roll plymouth rock / BRIAN WILSON
ataypura / YMA SUMAC
unhatural habitat / THE GREENHORNES
raise the bells / FOLK IMPLOSION
my foolish heart / BARNEY KESSEL
cellar door / MICHAEL ANDREWS
good night / THE BEATLES

alif's work :

samedi 2 janvier 2010


Months ago , chanel picked a song for one of their little promotional video . They chose the first version of our song 'make your mum be proud' , it is very old for us , it s been recorded in our bedroom and john sings quite high ... We find it amusing , and we do love chanel creations, it 's just beautiful .
We just found it on you tube , enjoy!