samedi 16 janvier 2010

"Time for the Devil" Video

Here is some photos taken on the set of our new video for the song 'time for the devil' . It s just gonna look like a proper hollywood movie... Thanks to everyone at WALTER FILMS and our personal image maker /video director/friend : ANTOINE CARLIER.
Can 't wait , can 't wait , can't wait...

Photos by Thomas Robin

mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Sympathy for the Devil with 'Band of Skulls'

we're in Paris!
On monday we recorded a french TV show called 'Taratata' with 'Band of Skulls'.

The idea of the Tv show was to cover a 'Gold' track with another band. 'Band of Skulls' chose the Rolling Stones' song 'Sympathy for the Devil'. Our next album is called "Time for the Devil" so we thought it was a good sign.

and indeed, it went really well! 'Band os Skulls' are a very good band, and brilliant musicians. The track was very suited to their music and voice. we also realised we know so many people in common. we had an excellent time!!

John played guitar and I played the piano. Band of Skulls , Emma, Matt and Russell, played the bass, drums and guitar.
So all day we rehearsed the "woo uuu"s backstage -there was not much else planned for untertainment there anyway!

Check their website:
and Myspace

the tv show will be broadcasted in March... pfiou! that's a long time to wait.
but I promise it's worth it :)

lots of love


samedi 9 janvier 2010


here is a new mixtape i did when i was trapped in our flat in london cause of the snow, it does look like russia around here.
i asked a very talented artist called ELIF to do the artwork. She is from Turkey , and study in the famous st martins college of art in LOndon. You can also listen to one of her song in the mixtape (track number 3) , i ve been listening to her stuff in loop since three days now , this is proper music. ENJOY!
(clik on image to download it)


the sign:part1 / DAVID ALEXROD
weather storm / MASSIVE ATTACK
lirar / ELEFANTE (aka elif artwork artist)
we hovered with short things / VIC CHESNUT
sim sim / ARTHUR LYMAN
rainwater cassette exchange / DEERHUNTER
emily / JOHN CALE
take pills / PANDA BEAR
sunrain / ASH RA TEMPEL
never mind that now / ELYSIAN FIELDS
roll plymouth rock / BRIAN WILSON
ataypura / YMA SUMAC
unhatural habitat / THE GREENHORNES
raise the bells / FOLK IMPLOSION
my foolish heart / BARNEY KESSEL
cellar door / MICHAEL ANDREWS
good night / THE BEATLES

alif's work :

samedi 2 janvier 2010


Months ago , chanel picked a song for one of their little promotional video . They chose the first version of our song 'make your mum be proud' , it is very old for us , it s been recorded in our bedroom and john sings quite high ... We find it amusing , and we do love chanel creations, it 's just beautiful .
We just found it on you tube , enjoy!