lundi 1 juin 2009

3 gigs in Paris


last week we were in Paris. 3 bands we like were playing;

Clinic on Monday at Le Café de la Danse.
They were brilliant. I talked to the bassist after the show -very nice guy- they were afraid the sound had not been good enough because their sound engineer had not been able to come for that night. Café de la Danse is a nice venue but apparently they have problems with neighbours, which means restrictions on sound... But that didn't reduce the quality of their show. It was very... clinical! (obviously:) cause they dont speak to the audience, but , boy, when they play! their music is just so good!


On Tuesday it was John's birthday, we went to see Deerhunter at Le Nouveau Casino.
It was the best gig we've ever seen of them. Perfect sound and dynamic. They were only 4 on stage and Bradford was doing a lot of guitare, which was very enjoyable. Bradford Cox was smiling, making jokes! it was a real pleasure to see him like that... happy! they didn't leave any silence between the songs until almost the end of the show, allowing songs to emerge out of massive walls of guitare sound. Songs were like visions, not sure where they came from and when they left you. it was magic! the show became even more surrealist at the end when, in a middle of a big noise, Bradford invited someone from the crowd to play his guitare onstage. he took the photographer's cameras and started taking pictures of everyone and himself making silly postures. Most of the people in the crowd were covering their hears but that didn't seem to affect them. the bassist and the guitarist gave their instruments to the audience to play. they opened bears and started chating with everyone. all very relaxed except the drummer who hammered his drums for 10 minutes without showing any signs of weakness. Waouuu!
We had great evening after that, champagne with the Nouveau casino crew celebrating 3 birthdays at the time. It was very nice.


On wednesday, we went to see Bat For Lashes at Le Bataclan. sold Out show, lots of nice looking girls in the crowd :)
A week before we had seen PJ Harvey and John Parish in that same venue, invited by their soundman, Head: incredibly nice man that John met when he went on tour with Joe Gideon and the Shark in the UK.
Bat for Lashes had a very nice costrume with black and white stripes. The show is... perfect, playing the songs excaclty as on the album. she did an acoustic version of Daniel and played the song again at the encore. she has a great great female drummer. very good sound.

Anyway we had great time,

thaks for reading!


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