lundi 31 août 2009

first video idea for 20L07

hello people of the universe.

I wanted to show you the first idea for the video of 20L07 ... the idea was to steal( or recreate) the central scene from the wonderful movie 'ma nuit chez maud' directed eric rohmer. You will notice how jean louis trintignant and francoise fabian were amazing actors.
Didn't see it? run my friend and find a copy...It is proper NOT boring french cinema.



dimanche 23 août 2009



we've been to Namur in Belgium to play a show. we had a special driver this time : Anna G! She's an old friend of us and she is always great company. (as you can see)


we drove to south of France yesterday, the recording is getting closer!!! we also have Matt , our soudman, with us now. he will stay for 2 months and finish the second album with us. we are excited as little kids!



samedi 8 août 2009

J.J. and F.F. on a boat

I finally have the pictures of the boat trip we had with the Franz in Musilac in July; Below is Julie, a friend of us from London who's now working with Franz Ferdinand on tour; she's great!!! we were so happy to see her again.


I KNOW the damm pictures are all too blury, aarrgg , sorry, the boat was moving a lot... but let's say it brings a little impressionist fashion to the portraits, no? I had to take the most scary away though :)



We spent the afternoon on a rented boat, we could hear the bands playing from the festival ; the driver brought us to some cliff where we jumped in the water, some very high! it was very cool;


Then we party all night , dancing on some Michael Jackson tunes, waou!

we're in France now preparing the recording of the second album ; doing demos and also some administration things; we're going to record at home again but the studio is getting better; Matt, our sound man, will come at the end of the month; So the album should be done mid-fall;


take care all

Love from Jehn