samedi 21 novembre 2009

Wedding day in London


we were in London for a few days this week end, mainly because our friends Viva and Mark were celebrating their wedding at the Cobden Club. It was very musicaly inspired as they are both drummers in 2 different awesome bands called Joe Gideon and the Shark and Archie Bronson Outfit. It was a beautiful wedding, with the traditionnal speaches and The Duke Spirit playing live as well as the magnificient Duke Garwood (check them all out). We danced until late, it was very nice. It's good to hang out with warm people.

To Viva and Mark!

This week is gonna be a lot of work, we're going to Paris on Tuesday and we start the french tour with the Franz Ferdinand.

John & Jehn

jeudi 12 novembre 2009

New Team !!!


we'd like to introduce you to Raph and Maud-Elisa.
From now they're gonna be with us onstage to play the new songs.
Raph is playing drums and Maud-Elisa is playing mainly guitar amongst keyboards and bass.
We've been rehearsing all week with them and they did a great job, worked really hard. We rehearsed 11 hours a day and they learnt 10 songs in a week. It's rare to find such dedicated people. they never complained and it's hard to believe that we were so right about them coz they're such good company.
We've been very happy to be able to set something right musicaly, the new songs request more instruments and we think we got the right vibe with them onstage. for the 'fans' of the first john & jehn formula , they shouldn't worry , it is different but it's still us, it's just better!
and if you want to see us play, well... see you at the Zenith in Paris on the 26th Nov , that's gonna be our first show with the 4 of us! hehe