samedi 22 janvier 2011


just to let you know that our friend and maestro DUKE GARWOOD is releasing a new album . If you want to get a good treat for your mind , body and soul , buy his last wonderful album 'dreamboatsafari'.
In a world of musical pollution and cynicism , the duke will give you the key to search for a profound sensation of hope and greatness. Rober Plant one day said to him : ' Duke you are the shaman of rock'. Or Robert Palmer , i can't remember...
Anyway , just listen to this , cause this is what you and i need.
Lots of love.

LISTEN ON SPOTIFY and they buy it on rough trade.

lundi 10 janvier 2011

in bed with John and Jehn part 1

we're opening for bloody GANG OF FOUR!

We are overexcited cause we're gonna open for GANG OF FOUR in london @ heaven , the 2nd of february . No need to say GOF has always been an essential and direct influence on our music. NO ONE plays guitar like Andy Gill , no one. I know i try all the time.