samedi 12 juin 2010

Audio Tour Documentary: Part Two

Click to download for free:
"John & Jehn on tour with British Sea Power: Part Two -Leeds"

This is "Part Two" of the short Audio stories recorded and edited by Jehn during our tour with BRITISH SEA POWER in the UK last month.

This time we were playing in a Church!

this episode features Tobby (the merch guy for BSP) , Paul (BSP rodie), Phil (keyboards), Neil and Scott (both singers songwritters in BSP) and finally some adorable fans and great encounters...

you will also hear music from: Thin Lizzy (I know, next time i will try not to..), John & Jehn, Metronomy, British Sea Power...


jehn x

vendredi 11 juin 2010


here is my new mixtape. It s been inspired by my long walks in alexandra park . The park is just behind our flat and i'd like to think it's our personnal back garden.

The beautiful artwork has been made by the very talented LILIDOLL(click and check)

Wait for the hottest moment of the day , get a fresh drink ,get naked, and put that mixtape on , believe me it works ... ENJOY (click on the artwork to download it)!


01 L'enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot / bruno alexiu
02 i get along without you very well / chet baker
03 above chiangmai / brian eno
04 Lujon / henry mancini
05 Paradise / clinic
06 Reversing / four tet
08 beautiful land /nina simone
09 Better Times / beach house
10 Simple Loop Choir (bad memory version)/ prefuse 73
11 Moonchild / King Krimson
12 vampire (remix by victor) / john and jehn
13 Open Up Your Door / richard hawley
14 Dorian Benediction / the free design
15 My Autumn's Done Come / lee hazlewood
16 Instrumental II / noah and the whale
17 Our Last Night Together / vera november

mercredi 9 juin 2010


New "And We Run" Video , watch it to the end ! :)
this video was shot in our recording studio in France in the exact room where the album was recorded. It was directed by Antoine Carlier who's been directing most of our videos recently (oh my love/time for the devil...) he's also working on a film about us.
it took us 3 days to film this video for the only reason that to make the image spin at the end we had to film the same scenes 36 times non stop! (which takes about 1h and a half each time) so in the end we playbacked the song about 180 times- we were exhausted!
but the result is quite smooooth

Jehn x

dimanche 6 juin 2010


JOHN AND JEHN/VAMPIRE (remix by victor) from john and jehn on Vimeo.

we love that remix made by victor carlier. He added incredible harmonies to jehn's vocals , it's clever and inspiring. It changes from the usual pushy drum beat kick 'dancy' remixes. To celebrate i added some moving images on it : this is from the movie 'MANON' directed by the genius henri-georges CLOUZOT. Again i've been touched by the grace and beauty of this scene. Some might think it's gloomy and dark but i think it's beautiful and full of love.

if you want the track on mp3 , just write to us at