vendredi 19 juin 2009



Yesterday we were in Bordeaux. We did a showcase in la FNAC. The place was good and the sound not too bad for a promotion date so we were happy. Lots of people turned up, even old friends that we hadnt seen for a long while. We played for 20 minutes and then there was a press conference about the french festival La Garden Nef. People could win John & Jehn posters and different stuff... Thanks to all who came and met us.
We had then a walk and a drink in the wonderful city of Bordeaux, there were lots of people in the streets even late at night. we felt a bit like in Spain.
Today we drive to Paris where we're gonna meet our soundman Matt. Then tomorrow, Maubeuge for the festival "Les Folies". Can't wait!


2 commentaires:

Little Monarch a dit…

when are you coming back for a show in london?!

Worthington Brown Design a dit…

Just noticed you guys are playing Port Grimaud Festival in July. Cant wait to see you down there. If you're playing out afterwards I'd love to hook up with you guys!