lundi 26 avril 2010

VIDEO LIVE @ Proud galleries

our first show with Gemma our new guitarist (and keyboardist -she's playing organ on that track) ; the song here is "Time for the Devil" ; a saturday night at 'Proud' Camden, London ... it was crasy, crasy crasy ; we loaded the van after the show in the middle of a burlesque show and people beeing sick on the floor... awful. but we met a good american band that night, Royal Bangs. they were very nice people, they lent us some gear that night. they had problem with their bass amp during their show, and they were pretty scared about the Camden saturday night madness...!! I hope those guys are ok now... jehn x

samedi 24 avril 2010


last friday we played 3 tracks live at the BBC, hosted by Tom Robinson. we had a very warm welcome and we were in very good hands with miss Jo who was doing the sound there. we're very happy with the sound and we had a nice time.

You can download the 3 tracks "Time for the Devil" , "And we Run" and "Down our streets" just by following the link below:

love on the beat x


lundi 19 avril 2010

supporting BRITISH SEA POWER in the UK !

we have some great news over here:

BRITISH SEA POWER offered us to support their UK tour in May;
that's so good news coz not only we love the guys, but we love their music, and we know their stage crew as well and they are all good and proper lovely people, we're gonna have such a great time! their music had a big influence on us after we first toured with them 2 years ago... cant wait to be back there!

Sun 25 Apr Colchester Arts Centre
Mon 03 May Leeds Holy Trinity Church
Mon 17 May Bath Komedia
Tue 18 May Birmingham Glee Club
Thu 20 May Leicester The Y Theatre
Fri 21 May London Bloomsbury Ballroom

Love on the beat,


samedi 10 avril 2010

GemmaThompson: new UK guitarist !

what's up?

yesterday we drove back from Rennes, it took us 10 hours to get back to London. We droped Raph our drummer at a friend's studio in Stamford Hill, he's recording a new album with his band Underground Railroad. he's a very busy man at the moment!

Today we're at our house with Matt Farrar our sound man. (by the way visit his blog at

he's back with us for a while after beeing on tour with Gemma Ray and the Archie Bronson Outfit. We're playing tonight in London an early show at The Proud Galleries in Camden.

It's gonna be the baptism of fire for Gemma, who's been enlisted to play guitar with us onstage for our UK shows.
We took her on board after watching videos of her on youtube were she plays very noisy guitars in her band called 'Hindley'. After few rehearsals we realised how much she is a master of guitar feedbacks and distortion. amasing!

See Gemma for the first time on stage with us tonight in London @ The Proud Gallery

samedi 3 avril 2010



this is the link to watch JOHN & JEHN live on TV playing the song AND WE RUN ;

as (maybe) you will notice, we had a problem with the guitar!! it only arrives at the middle of the song... it's alright , we rocked it out as hard as we could! haha but sorry for those who know the song (few of you I'm sure) , next time we'll be careful with our wires -or maybe we get a new guitarist! :) (only jocking of course :)

anyway enjoy the 'disturbing' special tv effects! gosh!

Watch the VIDEO HERE