lundi 27 avril 2009

Never underestimate the impact of press hahaha


This article is from a local French newspaper, it was published in April this year. What was interesting is not the article so much but the story around it:

What the title says in French is “John & Jehn, the rock’n’roll music duo discovered in London, was actually born in Claix!” (Claix is a small village nearby).
On the background of the picture you can see our family house in France where we have our studio. It’s a great place (very silent, best place for writing music).
But you see… the problem is… this house is not in Claix.
Indeed, the distance between us and Claix is of 4km, when the OTHER VILLAGE, called Mainfonds, is situated at 2km from our house...
So we are not from Claix, we are from Mainfonds! MAINFONDS!!! and the difference is huuuuge!

This local newspaper is the most read paper in the area and is taken very seriously by the people here.
The next day, the MAYOR of Mainfonds made a phone call to our house to complain that the name of his village was not mentioned in the article. We also received phone calls from relatives insisting on us making apologies to the mayor hahahahahahaha we didn't obviously, but were kind of fascinated by the effect a little article can have...


dimanche 26 avril 2009

Rough Trade Hot Booth


during our tour we played in London at Rough Trade East, the big shop in brick lane.
They have a new photo booth there where they ask the bands to take pictures of themselves. here they are. we didn't know the shop was keeping records of everything picture the booth takes. they said "just have fun"... so we did ooooo yeah!

jehn & john



vendredi 24 avril 2009

There are lots of great bands in the world

Lot's of things to say and so little time.

We just finished our tour today with a date in Toulon (near Marseille); it was a very great night with good energy. We almost thought we were not gonna make it because the organ broke down during the sound check, but John and our soundman Matt spent two hours and repaired it !!!! ouuufff we thought the gig was not gonna happen!

anyway, the tour was great, we played shows with 'Micachu and the Shapes' in Barcelona and 'The Legendary Tiger Man' in Lyon. We just fell in love with those two bands; it was very inspiring to meet them, we feel like we're gonna play together again.
Micachu is working on a remix of one of our song ('Looking for You'); she's on tour at the moment but will finish it when she gets more time. We're also gonna remix her song 'Lips' when back home. So there's some mix exchange action going on here!
I took a lot of pictures and I'm looking foward to develop them so that you can see.

There are lots of great bands in this plannet!!! starting with those two :
The Legendary Tiger Man
Micachu and the Shapes

big Love,


vendredi 17 avril 2009



we are in Spain at the moment. yesterday was Madrid, tonight is Barcelona; part of the "les femmes s'en melent" festival (meaning "girls getting involved", something like that...) women are getting involved then with skirts and high heels, it's funny -exept from Micachu who I haven't seen with heels already... hmm maybe not tonight no.

this drawing was given to us by a french guy called Paul ( and we liked it so here it is.



mercredi 15 avril 2009

oh my love video


I'll be very quick (I only have a goddamn 15 minutes internet connection in the hotel tonight in Biarritz!) and post few pictures of the shooting for the video "oh my love" by our friend Antoine Carlier. You can see the trailer and read our interview for Dazed and Confused here :

John & Jehn

mardi 14 avril 2009

The Bin Session


we were in London a week ago to do an acoustic session for the Free magazine The Fly. They call it the courtyard session. It turned out we did it in a skip. We found some chocolate , badges , top shop bags and carpet squares in it.
the link is here :

Today we are shooting for the video "oh my love" in Paris. Small crew and good friend. it;s all fine.