jeudi 11 février 2010

Fernando Pessoa "The hour of the Devil"

"the wedding ring that you wear and love, the joy produced by a vague thought, the fact that you feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror - do not fool yourself : it's not you , it 's me.'
The Devil from "A Hora do Diabo" by Fernando Pessoa.

This man on the picture is Fernando Pessoa. He is a portuguese poet and writer from the early 20th century. His short story "The Hour of the Devil" (‘La Hora del Diablo') inspired us for the title of our album and to write the song of the same name.
The book came into our hands accidentally. It was sitting on the shelves at my parent's house and John picked it up to read before going to sleep. Before I knew it , he got inspired by the poet's words and few days later, had written a song about the short parable.

In his short story, Pessoa imagines a conversation between the Devil and a woman. He creates a reality where the Devil is not to be feared and nothing you expect. He is a gentleman who would never intentionally harm a human; he's no longer the usual symbol of the enemy of God. He is harmless and is certainly ignorant of the things that actually rules the world. The Devil himself tells about his traumas, his story and his work... This accessibility creates a modern, conscious way of dealing with the subject of evil, which we found inspiring for our work and lives.

The Devil feeds our emotions and inspires us a love of art and of love itself.
Our emotions aren’t bad or dangerous. What is dangerous is when they are hidden or suppressed. It’s safer and healthier to experience the vices of humanity, to express our emotions rather than label them as evil or dangerous. The sentiments actually inspired many of the lyrics on the album...

But enough now, I highly recommand that you read it and get inspired yourself :)

Time for the devil.

It’s time for the devil to come
And put a smile on my face
He’s not that bad my devil
He’s moving things in my head

It’s time for the devil
He cares for me and all
It’s time for the devil

He doesn’t want my soul
He wants to speak that’s all
He cares for me my devil
About my fate and my goals

It’s time for the devil
He cares for me and all
It’s time for the devil

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hey there! i came across your blog after discovering your music and this post about pessoa made me curious. i read some of his poetry but never heard about this short is published in a larger book?
anyways, i love 20 l 07 :x
buh bye

* a dit…

Dear you & you!

Because we are all linked by a collective subconsciousness,... I'm also one of those who is inspired for my art by Pessoa's literature...
Even especially The hour of the devil is my new topic for an art film I'm going to make in the coming year.
I've read the story in Dutch, but I'm not that fond of his translation, and therefore I'm looking intensely for a better English translation, but until now my search is without success! Dear J & J; I've a request; could you help me to find it?!
xxx Kate Louise Stonewood

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