samedi 6 février 2010

Fear Fear Fear in Skins


Skins have selected our song "Fear Fear Fear" to feature in their 2nd Episode of season 4.
"Fear Fear Fear" is a song from our first album "John & Jehn" which was released in 2008.

To be honest I never watched Skins before ,though we do watch some tv series; "Mad men", "Sopranos", "True Blood"... some channel 4 comedies like "the big band theory" or "Peep show"... some cartoons like "Harvey Birdman", "Family guy", "Futurama" and of course the forever classic "The Simpsons"!

below is the extract from the episode where you can hear "Fear Fear Fear"; it's very funny for us to hear it there, this song was recorded in our bedroom in London for god's sake!! :)

kiss x

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