mardi 20 octobre 2009

yesterday night : nick cave in paris

we ve been invited yesterday night to the nick cave 's new book promotion night . It was in a very posh theatre in paris on the champs elysee avenue. Vulgar can of beer very expensive at the bar , not cool. Nick cave , warren ellis , martin casey were playing light version of old and new songs. It was a bit lame ... Nick cave started the night explaining that people can ask questions whenever they want to him , every kind of questions...But later on you could see that proposition was not very sincere , and he became a bit annoyed by the whole thing. Promotion's night disguised in 'a night with nick cave ' as written on the ticket is quite bullshiting people. It looked more like take the money and run. Nothing about litterature , nothing about music , just questions on his mustache or stuff like that. Egocentric night for the fans , no fun.

I do want to read his book anyway /

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