lundi 27 avril 2009

Never underestimate the impact of press hahaha


This article is from a local French newspaper, it was published in April this year. What was interesting is not the article so much but the story around it:

What the title says in French is “John & Jehn, the rock’n’roll music duo discovered in London, was actually born in Claix!” (Claix is a small village nearby).
On the background of the picture you can see our family house in France where we have our studio. It’s a great place (very silent, best place for writing music).
But you see… the problem is… this house is not in Claix.
Indeed, the distance between us and Claix is of 4km, when the OTHER VILLAGE, called Mainfonds, is situated at 2km from our house...
So we are not from Claix, we are from Mainfonds! MAINFONDS!!! and the difference is huuuuge!

This local newspaper is the most read paper in the area and is taken very seriously by the people here.
The next day, the MAYOR of Mainfonds made a phone call to our house to complain that the name of his village was not mentioned in the article. We also received phone calls from relatives insisting on us making apologies to the mayor hahahahahahaha we didn't obviously, but were kind of fascinated by the effect a little article can have...


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