vendredi 28 novembre 2008

My tour with nick cave and the bad seeds

I’ve been on nick cave’s tour this week cause my very good friends joe gideon and the shark were tour support in uk. So gideon called me and invited me to help them on that . That was fuckin good ,even more than fuckin good. Joe gideon and the shark were beautiful on this big stages , they ‘ve got a new single out , check them out urgently!!!!

Now I’ll talk a bit about what I saw on the side of the stage when the bad seeds played. God I never saw such a good band in my life. I was a proper fan of every single mr cave’s songs before , seen him on stage several times but never that close and believe me it makes a godamn difference. On every shows I was hiding behind the monitor sound engineer on warren ellis’s side of the stage. War is the best word to describe what’s happening on stage when they play. I’ve been litteraly scared of the intensity of this guys on stage , they are shouting at each other , motivating each other like if they were under attack . Nick cave is at the front of the boat fighting with the audience like a mad admiral. He brings his guys into the fight by screaming at them and they 've been fuckin goin into it each single night since many years now. Technicians and roadies are running around the stage , jim sclavounos is creating an earthquake on his pink drum kit ( yes you can have a pink drum kit and look like a bad motherfucker) , Mick harvey is clearly the main lieutenant after nick cave , conway savage , well is off his head most of the time but still beautiful … Warren ellis brings all the madness and decadence in a very unique way, his body goes in all kind of directions , he plays exclusily tiny guitars ( electric mandoline I think) , He looks like a bad motherfucker too. They all look and sound perfect. It’s just the best band alive. I met some people around them on this tour , I heard many stories about their relationship through the years , someone has to write a book about them.
100% commitment , I never saw that for real before this tour. It was a revelation , I’ve seen the light.

photo by steve 'uncle' gullick

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Laura @ The World Looks Red a dit…

Awesome, what an honour! I love Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds! I saw them once at a festival but I was quite drunk so I'd like to see them sober one day.

Laura from Amsterdam (remember, remember?)