lundi 8 septembre 2008

epk + tap ( Groundhog Day)

hi everyone
we are still in France finishing the recordings plus doing some gigs. Tomorrow we are living for paris, we are in Poitiers right now because we played saturday night in the brand new theatre ( one of the biggest one in europe , amazing architecture) We had a great time , really good welcoming from the crew there. We did 3 sets in the night cause every shows were sold out. It was like being in that bill Murray film : Groundhog Day. You go in the shower between the sets and someone is knocking on your door shouting at you : "you are on in 5 mins"! The live pictures has been taken by Richard my very old friend from school, now he is a mad scientist , he's inventing new chewing gums ( the chocolate and mint one : it's him , no kidding)

also we did an epk : a stupid name for electronic press kit , which means you have to do a short video to present the band to the world. We were not motivated to do it first but then we had fun with our videast friend sam ( the tatooist in the video :joe moo, is also the artist for our album artwork ). Here you go:

love on the beat


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