mercredi 9 juin 2010


New "And We Run" Video , watch it to the end ! :)
this video was shot in our recording studio in France in the exact room where the album was recorded. It was directed by Antoine Carlier who's been directing most of our videos recently (oh my love/time for the devil...) he's also working on a film about us.
it took us 3 days to film this video for the only reason that to make the image spin at the end we had to film the same scenes 36 times non stop! (which takes about 1h and a half each time) so in the end we playbacked the song about 180 times- we were exhausted!
but the result is quite smooooth

Jehn x

2 commentaires:

Claus Schiff a dit…

a film

.:Mir:. a dit…

Salut! j'adore cette chanson!
Pourriez-vous mettre les paroles?
merci! :)