dimanche 6 juin 2010


JOHN AND JEHN/VAMPIRE (remix by victor) from john and jehn on Vimeo.

we love that remix made by victor carlier. He added incredible harmonies to jehn's vocals , it's clever and inspiring. It changes from the usual pushy drum beat kick 'dancy' remixes. To celebrate i added some moving images on it : this is from the movie 'MANON' directed by the genius henri-georges CLOUZOT. Again i've been touched by the grace and beauty of this scene. Some might think it's gloomy and dark but i think it's beautiful and full of love.

if you want the track on mp3 , just write to us at johnandjehn@gmail.com



2 commentaires:

Lilidoll a dit…

Superbe remix & superbe film...

Cgranlund a dit…

So nice