jeudi 4 février 2010


This is the picture we chose for the cover.
It was taken by Antoine Carlier, who's the man behind all our artwork and videos for the new album. Antoine is an old friend of us. Him and John used to go to the same high school in france.
We took this picture in his appartment in Paris, one night very late ,using the simple device of one mirror , one lamp. Our first idea was to create an atmosphere inspired by the surealists' from the 20's , and then we gradually got away from that I guess, we spent hours playing with it, it felt very creative.
Antoine is an interesting character, we believe he is the one of the best director and designer in Paris at the moment, which is very demanding! antoine is constantly working very hard, sometimes it's like he is too tired to sleep ha! he doesnt even have a bed in his flat... I think he's a vampire!
Also this is a very demanding period for everybody working on John & Jehn at the moment.. coz now is Time for the DEVIL! who needs to sleep :)

evil best,

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