jeudi 25 février 2010

"Shift" by Antoine Carlier

Antoine Carlier (picture) is the artwork director on our new album.

He directed our videos for "oh my love" and "Time for the Devil" , did the arwtork cover and takes most of our pictures...
he's a bit like the third member of J&J right now really...

On the 9th of March, Antoine will exeptionnaly perform a show called "Shift" in Paris with the pianist Guillaume de Chassy @ the Cinéma le Balzac.
The idea is that Antoine projects images on the screen while Guillaume De Chassy improvises on the piano.
We're gonna be there to see the performance ; Antoine asked us if he could use images from our video "oh my love" to screen during the performance. of course we said yes. see their trailer below:

On the 9th of March 2010 in Paris @ Cinema le Balzac / "Shift" with Antoine Carlier and Guillaume de Chassy.

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If Jane a dit…

cool...would have loved to have seen this!