jeudi 10 décembre 2009

News from 'London Town'

We are in London tonight, drove all day and got stuck in the biggest traffic ever; so we're pretty tired tonight. Maud Elisa , our guitarist, is with us, she is 'La Chose' in the picture below, being very quiet in the van. sweet thing..

Last week in Rennes during the tour with Franz Ferdinand, we were happy to see again 2 photographers from Rennes -we already met in St Malo last summer and during the festival 'les Transmusicales' a year ago. It's like a tradition now when we come to Britany, we have to take pictures with Derga Tora! haha They're part of a crew of young artists called Derga Tora, you can visit their myspace here; We already used one of their pictures for a poster. They are really cool guys. Here is one picture John has signed for them last summer:

Tomorrow we play in London at the Cobden Club and gonna see lots of good friends again.

yo yo yo!

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