vendredi 18 décembre 2009

New 'Ghosts' Video !

We are pleased to give you this beautiful video made by our friend Benjamin Le Coq de Kerland. The song is called 'Ghosts' and this is an extract from our second album 'Time for The Devil' , out next Spring 2010.
Ben was free to do whatever he liked on this and so proposed his own personnal version of the song;
we liked it very much so wanted to share with you.
Take it as a Chrismas gift! Hope you will enjoy as much as we do, on a snowy day like this...
all the very best,
Jehn xxx

Also visit Benjamin Le Coq's Blog Now !!!

4 commentaires:

minm aeinn a dit…

I like a lot.

Anonyme a dit…


Suzy Q a dit…

Your music totally brilliant. I found your blog and fell in love instantly. I've been telling all my friends all about you the latest days, and now, when I saw this video I'm like, hello, come to sweden and give us a piece of you guys! Keep up your good work, you'll go far!

Etincelle a dit…

J'ai eu la chance d'entendre de vous voir jouer au zénith et j'ai vraiment adoré!
Cette chanson en particulier qui m'a trotté dans la tête pendant des jours!

Vivement la sortie de l'album que j'attends avec impatience!