lundi 1 novembre 2010

New J&J BONUS TRACKS, November Tour exclusive!

These are brand new John & Jehn items for you that you will be able to get if you come to see us play this month on our 'Down our Streets' Tour!

They are handmade BONUS TRACKS with Tour Documentaries, tracks live at the BBC... lots of rarities!

see all the dates of the tour HERE

Track listing:
1- Fear Fear Fear (new live version)
2- Tour Documentary Part 1 (Tan Hill festival)
3- 'Down our Streets'live on Tom Robinson BBC6
4- Tour Documentary Part 2 (Leeds /with British Sea Power)
5- 'And we Run' live on Jonathan Ross BBC2
5- Tour Documentary Part 3 (Bath-Birmingham /with British Sea Power)

see you on the road!


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