jeudi 25 mars 2010


We have been invited by BRITISH SEA POWER to play at the festival they host in North Yorkshire at Tan Hill. It is a pleasure for us to be there and play with cool bands and have fun!!
Apparently it all happens in the highest pub in England called Tan Hill In where they serve some kind of 'British Sea Power' bear haha. We will sleep in tents and hear good music.. sounds exciting.
Our relationship with British Sea Power goes back a few years when we opened for them in South London. Following that show , they invited us to support their uk tour. Last week they were mixing their album 5 minutes walk from our house. Those guys are great and their music has had a huge influence on our last album.
This week I watched the film "Man of Aran" with their soundtrack, it was very inspiring , again, like everything they do.
this is an extract:

Jehn x

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