lundi 19 janvier 2009

a video for 'FEAR FEAR FEAR'

ok today we confirmed our song 'Fear Fear Fear' is going to have a video. 

The director and friend, Prisca Lobjoy, will come to London and shoot the video with us early February. We'll also have 2 days of shooting in Paris. 
Prisca is mostly known for having done all the videos and artwork for the band Gotan Project. She is also a good friend and very professionnal. We are very much looking foward to do that. 
She stayed with us 3 days in France when we were recording new demos and we experimented some ideas with her, we're going to use projections waouu! 

We just came home from the Union Chapel where we saw our friend Duke Garwood play. It was amasing and such a good place for his music. We could hear every whisper and every little note of his guitare. Magnifique!

jehn xxx

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